Interior and Product Design
Insight is here to help you express your identity, flow and energy. Amanda McGregor creates bespoke work for the interior, home, garden and fashion. Please get in touch if you would like to commission work, prices from £200 - plus for bespoke fine art design. More designs available for fabric prints and home furnishings.
A Life of Bliss
Available from Amazon, helping you find a divine order in your navigation of Life!
Seeds of Light
A Book of Poetry provides empathy in the ups and downs of relationship and life, a very easy read that will leave you feeling uplifted and inspired.
Psychic Readings
Book your appointment today for a psychic reading. Readings with Amanda McGregor bring insight, support, healing and awareness in relationship, work, business, family and home. £40 for 30 mins and £80 for one hour.
Energy Session
When you give energy to to an issue, a person, a work situation, phenomenal results can be achieved. Energy is the source of life. Request a 30 mins - £40 or 60 mins -£70 appointment with me, distance is not a problem.
Consultancy with Amanda McGregor for Business Development, book your appointment today to bring awareness, strategy, insight, value, purpose. Please request an appointment with Amanda McGregor through 'Contacting Us' - £150 an hour or retainers from £500 plus, for continued involvement for further involvement.
Buy Art Work
Find me on instagram - Contemporary Work @amanda.mcgregor or @amandamcgregorart
or buy Floral work from Saatchi Online using the link -
Journeys of the soul- 'vision quest' by
Contemporary Art Work
Instagram - amandamcgregorart
Developing some paintings into an abstra
Studio work can be commissioned through 'contact us'.
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Developing some paintings into an abstra

Studio work can be commissioned through 'contact us'.

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